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Eridani Games was first created when Ella's Hope was in development, the website and community however were not founded until Septemer 2010.

The company is run by Jill Shiels who is from the United Kingdom. Prior to setting up Eridani Games Jill had been involved in many other ways within the RPG gamemaking community.

Ella's Hope, Eridani Games' first release, has seen great success so far and so it was time for a community and site to be set up for the company ready for the second game, The Witch and The Warrior which followed in December 2010. Leah's Tale then followed with release in January 2012.

Eridani Games look to bring you magical adventures with great stories to keep you entertained. We also offer you a friendly community and a place to purchase other games that we think you will love.

The company is fortunate to have a great team behind it and in particular Bodeia and Firefly who help manage the forums and website.

If you have any queries please contact Eridani Games using the contact link above, or via the forum.

Thank you and enjoy!




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